Formic Survey Software Solutions

Scalable survey softwarePowerful & Easy-to-useRobust paper scanning & form processingQuick & Easy Form DesignData management capability & integration

A scalable (single user, multiple user or enterprise) survey software and audit solution suitable for paper form surveys, mobile surveys, tablet PC surveys, kiosk surveys and web online surveys.

Powerful, easy-to-use, data capture solution for survey, questionnaire and clinical audit design, publishing, data collection and analysis.

Offers the most robust paper scanning, form processing and analysis solution in the market – proven to be capable of handling 1000’s of forms and validation daily.

Quick and easy form design with included templates and question libraries.

Data management capability including Excel, MS Access, SPSS, SQL database – which, with API can integrate directly with your CRM, LMS, HR or other back-office systems.

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